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eToro is now worth $10B, could The Portfolio Platform be next?

The fintech world has been rocked this week with the news that eToro is due to be listed on the Nasdaq with a valuation of over $10bn. In an... read more

17.03.2021 • By EF News

Has Deep F***ing Value Aligned With TPP?

Rumour circulating around the market, is that the man known as Deep F***ing Value (real name Keith Gill) has joined forces with The Portfolio... read more

02.02.2021 • By EF News

Meet the men who are changing how the world invests: Ed Davies and Lane...

The year 2020 will be remembered for many reasons, very few of them good. Coronavirus struck early in the year; the markets started to crash,... read more

28.12.2020 • By EF News

The Portfolio Platform (TPP) v's E Toro

THE PORTFOLIO PLATFORM V’S ETORO In a battle that is making waves in the world of fintech, today we look at a potential shift of power from... read more

19.10.2020 • By EF News

The Portfolio Platform- The World's Top Traders Align With TPP.

The Portfolio Platform have announced the acquisition of 5 of the world's highest performing traders for their platform. TPP subscribers now... read more

18.09.2020 • By EF News

The Portfolio Platform 'autotrade' software provides investor's with an...

New platform launch offers retail investors easy access to expert trading strategies. The Portfolio Platform (TPP) is a new online platform... read more

21.08.2020 • By EF News

The Portfolio Platform: Prepare To Change How You Invest

The Portfolio Platform could well be the fintech company we’ve all been waiting for. It sets the new standard for modern investing. Professional... read more

05.08.2020 • By EF News

Taking Advantage of The Stock Market Reversal

The Portfolio Consultancy (TPC) who typically design trading strategies and risk mitigation approaches for Asset Managers and Hedge Funds, have... read more

24.03.2020 • By EF News

E Toro 'On Steroids'.

For many retail investors, the E Toro platform is an excellent tool for their investment portfolio. In very simple terms, E Toro have designed... read more

28.10.2019 • By EF News

Performance Based Trading Strategies

For many investors who are frustrated with traditional funds, performance based trading strategies where the fund manager or strategy designer is... read more

07.10.2019 • By EF News

Multi Market Strategy

With the investment climate remaining uncertain, and investors struggling to find a solid yield, is a diversified multi market portfolio about to... read more

20.09.2019 • By EF News

Best Copy Strategy?

Is the Multi Market portfolio designed by The Portfolio Consultancy (TPC) the 'Best Copy Strategy' on the market as some have been suggesting? EFN... read more

12.09.2019 • By EF News

Hedge Against Equities

With the equity markets worldwide looking slightly over valued v's the fundamentals, and a plethora of negative scenarios looming which could... read more

12.09.2019 • By EF News

Sell My Property Online

E Financial Newsletter are proud to announce the arrival of 'Sell My Property Online Ltd” into the world of Property Transactions. As the... read more

28.05.2019 • By EF News

What Is The Best Growth Fund?

A growth fund is a diversified portfolio that has capital appreciation as it's primary goal, with little or no dividend payouts. Many... read more

02.05.2019 • By EF News

Top Performing Multi Market Funds:

The days of investors tracking the markets and expecting to perform year on year, might be coming to an end. Equities are over bought,... read more

25.04.2019 • By EF News


Today E Financial Newsletter (EFN) explore 'Absolute Funds'. Our team have provided an overview of this type of strategy, a brief interview with a... read more

12.04.2019 • By EF News